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Bicycle touring around the world

We started our bicycle touring around the world on January 8th from London. We went to France and continue to Spain and Portugal for after that follow direction to Asia and America.

Our route so far

Map route around the world by bicycleSee the full size and detailed map here.

As we will not race around the World, go through the shortest route, neither look for shortcut; this trip will take years. We seek to explore, discover and get to know those countries we visit; not to go just from point A to point B.

New birth.

January 2011: I started to travel. My plan was to make a few short trips during the year, my plan failed. I got caught by the travel bug, I started to join the dots and I didn’t come back home; I just continue backpacking on Europe. In a couple of months I replaced my first low cost flights for my thumb. I started to hitchhike.

“I hitchhiked more than 20.000 km, I put my feet on 25 countries thumbing up.”

Hitchhiking I covered thousands of kilometres, always without real plans, usually without map. I enjoy uncertainty, I still do. Reach a new country, a new currency and a new language without any previous research boost my adrenaline, make me feel life.

Ilze, we.

The road lead me to Riga, to meet Ilze.

We started to travel together a month later and we continue our adventures around Europe and Morocco, until we flew to SE Asia at the end of 2011.

Southeast Asia.

We traveled for 6 months on Southeast Asia. We tried to live life as locals do. We tried to eat where locals do. We tried to move as locals did. We took songthaews and tuk-tuks, we rode, we cycled, we walked.

Singapur, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam changed our perception of life.


We stopped, worked and saved during year and a half. Considering that Ilze doesn’t speak Spanish and I don’t speak Latvian, we needed a neutral place where to work, save and plan our upcoming bicycle expedition.

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Bicycle touring in Spain is hard

Spain is hilly and huge to cycle around it!

We arrived to Spain, which meant we had to cross the Pyrenees! After one month cycling the flattish France we were not sure how we were going to handle it. We wear afraid of the hard climbing, thinking how many breaks we would need and how many days it would take us. In the end, …

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Cycling to the Pyrenees

Cycling the Atlantic coast of France

The second country of our world round trip by bicycle was France, and we arrived there in the middle of winter. The early months of winter had being very rainy, and it caused the whole country to be flooded. Before starting our trip we have been researching about French bicycle routes and paths, but in …

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Bicycle touring from London

Starting to cycle around the world from London

We had just quit our jobs and left the flat we were renting in Manchester. We took the train we had previously booked to London, that way we had a departure date and the obligation, no excuses to delay it would be acceptable. We started our adventure on 8th January 2014, our New Year’s resolution. …

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Hitchhiking a school bus in Latvia

That day when we hitchhiked a school bus in Latvia

We were hitchhiking in Latvia, trying to cover the 200 Kilometers between Riga to Ventspils. But we were not having any good ride, there was not much traffic and all cars stopping were going to next little towns. Little by little, lift by lift, we have manage to go half of the way in 3 …

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