Wandering around the World on a bicycle

Wild camping under 1000 stars I am writing you these lines from the inside of my tent, in the middle of the Bosnian mountains, after a long day cycling. For the last 9 months we have been cycling around Europe, meeting random local people, speaking in different languages or mimicking for communication. Trying traditional gastronomy, being invited into their homes […] Continue reading →

Leave your bicycle helmet at home for cycling in Portugal, or not

In this side of the border you can take off your helmet, it's your choice, not mandatory Portugal. Finally! A break, a change, fresh air after a long time cycling through Spanish lands. Spain has diversity and sharp contrast between regions, but crossing the border to a new country, different language and unknown traditions is always welcome. Even when the differences are small like in this case. It might sound funny coming […] Continue reading →

Spain is hilly and huge to cycle around it!

No more cycling in Spain! We arrived to Spain, which meant we had to cross the Pyrenees! After one month cycling the flattish France we were not sure how we were going to handle it. We wear afraid of the hard climbing, thinking how many breaks we would need and how many days it would take us. In the end, […] Continue reading →

Cycling the Atlantic coast of France

Cycling to the Pyrenees from France! The second country of our world round trip by bicycle was France, and we arrived there in the middle of winter. The early months of winter had being very rainy, and it caused the whole country to be flooded. Before starting our trip we have been researching about French bicycle routes and paths, but in […] Continue reading →

Starting to cycle around the world from London

Starting our around the world bicycle trip! We had just quit our jobs and left the flat we were renting in Manchester. We took the train we had previously booked to London, that way we had a departure date and the obligation, no excuses to delay it would be acceptable. We started our adventure on 8th January 2014, our New Year’s resolution. […] Continue reading →

That day when we hitchhiked a school bus in Latvia

Hitchhiking a school bus in Latvia We were hitchhiking in Latvia, trying to cover the 200 Kilometers between Riga to Ventspils. But we were not having any good ride, there was not much traffic and all cars stopping were going to next little towns. Little by little, lift by lift, we have manage to go half of the way in 3 […] Continue reading →