11,000 Km, 11 months and 3€ a day by bicycle in Europe

331 days wild camping and pedaling over a bunch of European countries. Three hundred and thirty-one days since we quit our jobs in England and started our cycling adventure. No timetables, no plans, no return tickets.

11 months fighting with the elements: cold, hot, wind, rain, snow and hailing. Not knowing where we will end up sleeping by the end of the day, without any worries further ahead than that.

Now we are making real those dreams we had while renting a room in England and saving with a goal. We are living our dream.

Video of our 11 months cycling in Europe

Here you have a video reviewing these last months traveling around Europe on a bicycle. Enjoy it!


Our numbers through Europe

You have all our bicycle touring stats at your fingertips.

  • We have spent an average of 3€ per person and day.
  • We cycled 52.45 daily kilometers.
  • My bicycle and luggage weights around 70 kilos, Ilze’s bike around 50.
  • Our average speed is 15 Km/h.
  • Our camping tent became our house half of the nights during this period of time.
  • We have ingested something around 40 Kg of pasta.
  • We have been invited by strangers to sleep at their house 4 times.
  • Police kicked us out from our wild camping spot only once, in Spain.
  • Random people have gifted us kilos and kilos of fruits, especially in the Balkans.
  • We slept at a strip-club, at a McDonald’s and at a train’s platform.

What to do in winter with a bicycle and a tent?

We are leaving Europe, but the winter is still coming. We decided to head South in Turkey and look for a place where to stop, rest and hide from cold and rain.

Last weeks have been very wet and gray, we don’t want to spend months inside a wet camping tent and riding with wet clothes, especially when the daily light last such a short time.

Cyprus sounds like an interesting place to go in winter, and we don’t need any visas. But since we change our travel ideas more often than our t-shirts, we cannot commit to a winter destination just yet. No plans.