Can you deal with the jet lag?

One of the main fears of any long distance flight traveler is the jet lag, how can I avoid it? will it make me loose my first days? Here we have the review of both of us:

Ilze says:

No, you cannot! I have read a lot of tips about how to deal with the jet lag, such as:

  • Do not go sleep previous night.
  • Stay hydraited while you are in an aircraft.
  • Do not take sleeping pills.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol intake.
  • Go to sleep in the normal ours of the final destination when you are there.

And only thing I can say – It is a bullshit! You can not! You will be like a zombie for the next 3 days for sure! Beauty sleep is all you need.

Or maybe it´s just I´m not 20 anymore…

Pablo says:

All advices that you can take will be useful, but it’s not that big deal. The 12 hours flight to Malaysia was boring, but no worse than that. If you are able to stay one night partying and spend the next day without sleeping: you are up for transoceanic flights! no fear to jet lag!

There is not big difference with the sensations that you can suffer after not sleeping one night. And if you are used to change your sleeping ours between weekdays, weekend days and holiday days; this is more of the same.