Pablo prepares the backpack (I): Clothes and textiles

Before leaving for the flight to Paris I prepared the backpack with what I considered necessary for the trip to Asia. In my backpack got clothes, textiles, electronics, suitcases (toiletries and first aid), and other small extras.


I took a lot of t-shirts, cause in Southeast Asia is very damp, so probably I will use more than one per day quite often. I will wash my clothes myself, but I don’t want to have to do it every day.

For this last reason I bought several shirts in Decathlon, breathable synthetic shirts that dry very fast after washing.

In total I took 4 synthetic ones, 2 normal t-shirts, 3 tank tops and 2 long sleeve shirts. Most of them are so light that a few extra doesn’t mean any extra in the baggage.


I carry with 9 or 10 underwear too, it doesn’t take too much space and this way I will be able to wash weekly.


You will not see any pants in the pics! In the backpack I’ve only put a short sports pants and a swimsuit, the only pants I carry with I am wearing them. They are trekking style, removable and with zippered pockets; plus dry very fast.

Warm clothes

I didn’t take any coat neither jacket! I wear an old coat I will leave in Paris airport prior to flying to Malaysia, one of the many homeless living in Orly Airport will give it a better use than me.

The only warmer things I took are two long-sleeved thermal shirt. In the worst case I will wear both at the same time, which should be more than enough for the tropical climate where we are headed to.

Waterproof clothes

I pretended to take a waterproof jacket but forgot it in Zaragoza (no comments). I will just buy some “poncho” in Malaysia. Anything light for rainy days.


A cap, to save on sunscreen to avoid sunburn, slippers, to take shower in places with poor hygienic conditions, and sunglasses complete items of clothing that I put in my backpack.

Other textiles

In addition I also took a microfiber towel and a travel lycra sheet for two people. It is a kind of light sleeping bag to sleep in when we are in dirty places, this way we keep dirtiness and bugs outside.

I also carry gym gloves, are good to get some exercise wherever I am. You know, doing pull overs with any bar or trunk, leaning on trees or rocks to do push-ups… Whatever I can, where it arises.

And finally, a laundry bag to keep dirty clothes until I can wash.

In the next post I will talked about the little extra things that I consider essential when traveling.

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